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Re: 2010 Gravity Live Stream! Oct. 13th (Wed) from Noon until~
Rune Knight design change (Looks more like LK)~
Every jobs get something to ride ( Novice gets poring, Merchant gets Savage, Thief gets..??, Ninja gets Frog?... Wizard gets Nine tails etc etc) (You won't be able to attack or use skills when riding something)~
&ref(gg10101304.jpg,,25%); &ref(gg10101305.jpg,,25%);~
&ref(gg10101306.jpg,,25%); &ref(gg10101307.jpg,,25%);~
Adds another 2D-Layer -> which results in improvement of user customization. (costume change such as wings, etc, completely new slot)~
(Keeps item options, but different look for headgear)~
&ref(gg10101308.jpg,,25%);~ &ref(gg10101309.jpg,,25%); &ref(gg10101310.jpg,,25%); ~
Malandor(?) gets updated. Home of cat hands service dudes. New dungeons will be there as well.~
New Izlude dungeon will be updated. (below 5th level. this one will be "Internet Cafe only" contents for Korea)~
Novice , Super Novice level expansion in 2010 year.~
Ninja, Gunslinger in year 2011. Ninja can change its form. Gunslinger gets 1-shot KO skills.~
TKM, Soulinker maybe 2011. but Not too sure.~
Alfheim(?) appears. User reaches Alfheim as the user traces satan morroc down. more secrets of Satan Morroc gets revealed.~
Storyline goes back to Rune Midgarts. Main plot takes place in Arunafeltz.~
Valkyrie Hamelmez(IDK how to spell this. Sounds like a valkyrie character from Ragnarok Comic Book.) appears.~
Air-Fort appears. (Which was probably mentioned in the Raganrok Comic Book.)~
Working closely with Lee myung Jin for the plot.~
You can invest in your hideout. If you invest a lot, you can get to Guild Dungeon lvl 2. If more, you can open Guild Dungeon lvl 1 to normal users and let people pay to use the dungeon.~
Treasure boxes gets better items~
Biolab 3rd floor~
fixing AIs so it is somewhat playable.~
2-2 jobs appear from new 3rd floor.~
2-2 Mobs are stronger as they do party skills.~
ASPD patch in kRO Sakray~
Critical issues were found. Currently still changing the formula.~

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