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Re: 2010 Gravity Live Stream! Oct. 13th (Wed) from Noon until

Rune Knight design change (Looks more like LK)
Every jobs get something to ride ( Novice gets poring, Merchant gets Savage, Thief gets..??, Ninja gets Frog?... Wizard gets Nine tails etc etc)
(You won't be able to attack or use skills when riding something)
gg10101304.jpg gg10101305.jpg
gg10101306.jpg gg10101307.jpg

Adds another 2D-Layer -> which results in improvement of user customization. (costume change such as wings, etc, completely new slot)
(Keeps item options, but different look for headgear)
gg10101308.jpg~ gg10101309.jpg gg10101310.jpg

Malandor(?) gets updated. Home of cat hands service dudes. New dungeons will be there as well.

New Izlude dungeon will be updated. (below 5th level. this one will be "Internet Cafe only" contents for Korea)

Novice , Super Novice level expansion in 2010 year.
Ninja, Gunslinger in year 2011. Ninja can change its form. Gunslinger gets 1-shot KO skills.
TKM, Soulinker maybe 2011. but Not too sure.

Alfheim(?) appears. User reaches Alfheim as the user traces satan morroc down. more secrets of Satan Morroc gets revealed.

Storyline goes back to Rune Midgarts. Main plot takes place in Arunafeltz.
Valkyrie Hamelmez(IDK how to spell this. Sounds like a valkyrie character from Ragnarok Comic Book.) appears.
Air-Fort appears. (Which was probably mentioned in the Raganrok Comic Book.)
Working closely with Lee myung Jin for the plot.

You can invest in your hideout. If you invest a lot, you can get to Guild Dungeon lvl 2. If more, you can open Guild Dungeon lvl 1 to normal users and let people pay to use the dungeon.
Treasure boxes gets better items

Biolab 3rd floor
fixing AIs so it is somewhat playable.
2-2 jobs appear from new 3rd floor.
2-2 Mobs are stronger as they do party skills.

ASPD patch in kRO Sakray
Critical issues were found. Currently still changing the formula.

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  -実際装着されたアイテムと、外観上見られるアイテムが違うようにできるコスチューム システムが追加される。




■-2011年度の計画 -
  アジトの投資システム -攻城地域間競争
  -全2回の攻城戦進行(攻城戦、攻城戦SE =各2回から1回に変更)
  -職業群の特性に応じたモンスターAI 強化

■  -ユーザの質疑応答 -


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